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Language localisation

Lokalizacja językowa

Language localisation entails adapting a material in the source language, usually software, a video game or a website, to formal, social or cultural requirements of the target language and its country.

This is a far more complex process than translation and it generally involves more interference a translator in the source material. To show the difference between localisation and translation, one can imagine a situation where an international corporation enters numerous markets all over the world and its website is available in various languages. Each language version of the same website would probably differ from each other not only in terms of language, but also in terms of content – for the reasons described above and to make marketing activities of that corporation efficient and successful.

If you want to have your website well-localised to make it available to a new audience, contact us and we will take care of it properly. Language blunders could turn anything on the Internet into a laughing stock – with us, you will not be ashamed of the result. We can tailor your materials to local requirements and expectations. Later on, we can provide you with language support for updating your digital content.