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Specialist Translation

Tłumaczenia specjalistyczne

Specialist translation is the most common service offered by professional translators today. To do a good job, a translator has to pay attention to detail and be reliable, not to mention a deep knowledge of the subject the translator has to have to correctly translate e.g. a notarial deed, a washing machine manual or financial statements.

We charge for the largest translation page available in the Polish market, i.e. 1800 characters with spaces. If you prefer to be charged for words, let us know in advance. Our rates are not fixed because we assess every text individually, taking into consideration its difficulty, complexity, and time required for its translation. Valuation is free and does not take long; usually, we respond to emails within an hour (during the opening hours, CET).

If you need a translation of a text in any of the following areas of expertise and you want to have it translated reliably and with great attention to detail, we are the perfect choice for you.


i.a. agreements, contracts, notarial deeds, articles of association, vital statistics, judgements, administrative decisions, petitions, motions, complaints, certificates, declarations, legal acts, and regulations

finance & accounting

i.a. financial statements, auditor’s reports, business strategies, business plans, applications, and financial schemes

banking & insurance

i.a. excerpts from bank accounts, insurance policies, certificates, sureties, and guaranties

business & commerce

i.a. trade documents, business correspondence, speeches, presentations, conference plans, and strategies

European Union

i.a. applications, judgements and decisions of EU courts and institutions, and treaties


i.a. brochures, advertisements, banners, and campaigns

sports & entertainment

i.a. sporting event programmes, guidelines, guidebooks, and game instructions

art & humanities

i.a. art exhibition descriptions, articles, and lectures


i.a. guides, diets, and product descriptions

fiction & non-fiction literature

i.a. books of any nature

software & hardware

i.a. manuals, instructions, and interfaces


i.a. IT systems and network descriptions


i.a. brochures, contracts, and rolling stock documentation

energy economics

wind farms in particular

logistics & transport

i.a. shipping documents, fleet documentation, and logistics systems